Brexit Information

Since 01/01/2021 new BREXIT regulations have left us without options to deliver your orders to the United Kingdom, but thanks to a new Shipping Partner, we can still ship them with a slight price increase, as follows:

  • Orders up to €25: €29.21
  • Orders over €25: €20
  • Orders over €50: €10
  • Orders over €80: Free Shipping

Export Fee €10

Import Taxes (VAT) upon receival of the package rarely affect orders below €100. Keep this in mind when placing an order over €100.

We apologize for this situation. Rest assured, our team is currently working to find a warehouse inside the United Kingdom to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Also, if you know of any company that could help us achieve this, don’t hesitate to send our team an email . Thank you for your understanding.

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